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Hundred apple trees –project description

Hundred apple trees – multicultural Finland –project is financed by Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and coordinated by Turku University of Applied Sciences.
The project duration is 1.1.2016-31.3.2018 and the actions takes place in South-West Finland, municipalities of Turku, Raisio and Uusikaupunki

Hundred apple trees –project aims to:

  • Support for a minor unaccompanied asylum seekers´ integration to Finland
  • Increase to two-way integration between young asylum seekers/refugees and Finnish citizens through social influence, physical exercise and culture groups
  • Develop the current and future practitioners (public, private and NGO´s) culture sensitive skills through further education
  • Produce research information of the integration period of young people received their residence permit and their two-way interaction and social relationships between the Finnish citizens
  • Formulate an expert group of professionals working on the field to identify the challenges and good or promising practices on during the minors integration process and their educational path

Hundred Apple Trees Target group: refugee background third country citizens (12-25 years old) who are on integration process, especially vulnerable groups such as minor unaccompanied asylum seekers, women and others who are at risk of exclusion.


  • Further education of culture sensitive skills
  • Publications:
    • Guide based on Development work with minors and
    • Research report

Hundred Apple Trees Partners

Turku University of Applied Sciences (coordinator)
Institute of Migration
University of Turku – Brahea centre
Humak University of Applied Sciences
Globaalinuoret ry
Uudenkaupungin Urheilijat-Korihait ry
Municipality of Turku
Municipality of Uusikaupunki